Increase your typing speed and accuracy

Learning how to type like a pro is very simple when you take your time and start practicing with basic typing exercises. These exercises allow you to learn where the various keys are located on the keyboard. They also help you gain speed and accuracy the more you use them to practice typing.

1. Home Row Exercises

Home row keys

The home row exercises help you master the keys that are located on what is known as the home row. The home row consists of the letters a, s, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, and the semicolon/colon key. These typing practice exercises consist of you typing each letter on the home row several times in a series. For example, you may start one of these exercises by typing fff jjj ddd kkk sss lll aaa ;;;.

This seemingly simple and repetitive typing is actually crucial in helping you memorize the placement of the keys on the home row. After you master the home row, you can then move onto the next lesson.

2. Top Row Exercises

From the home row, you will then move onto the top row of your keyboard. The top row from left to right consists of the letters q and ends with the key for the letter p.

Again, you will type each letter several times in a succession. This repetition helps you memorize the top row.

3. Bottom Row Exercises

As with the home and top rows, the bottom row exercises involve you typing the letters z through m, all located the lower row on the keyboard. A sample exercise may look like: zzz xxx ccc vvv nnn mmm. When you finish, you will be more familiar with the placement of the letters on this row.

4. Capital Letter Exercises

Successful typing involves knowing how and when to capitalize letters. To capitalize the letters on the keyboard, you must press the Shift button along with the letter you wish to capitalize.

You will use your left pinky finger to press the Shift button on the left side while capitalizing letters on the right side of the keyboard. To capitalize the letter u, for example, your left pinky finger will hold down the Shift key while your right forefinger presses the letter u.

Likewise, your right pinky finger will be used to hold the Shift key on the right while your left hand fingers reach for the letters on the left side of the keyboard that you wish to capitalize.

5. Punctuation Exercises

Punctuation is also an important skill to master while typing. The punctuation exercises involve learning where the period, exclamation point, question mark, and other punctuation marks are located on the keyboard.

Your right hand middle and ring finger reach for the comma and period. Your right pinky finger reaches for the colon and semicolon, as well as the question mark. It also holds down the Shift key while your left pinky finger reaches for the exclamation mark that is located on the number 1 key. When you complete these exercises, you should be comfortable typing punctuation marks.

Learning to type faster and better requires that you practice regularly. You can use these five exercises to gain speed and accuracy.

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