Keyboarding games for Adults

Typing is an essential skill for high performance in school and many careers. While you may be able to work using the hunt-and-peck method of searching for keys and typing them with a couple of fingers, your productivity will not match that of even beginner touch typists. With practice, you may triple or even quadruple your typing speed through touch typing. Typing games for adults ensure that learning this skill is never boring. Here is more about the advantages of learning to type by touch using typing games.

Improvement of Productivity

Home Row keys

Hunting and pecking is notoriously slow compared to touch typing. Just 20 to 30 words or per minute, or WPM, is common among the former while 60 to 100 is normal for touch typists. How much more work might you complete by learning this skill?

Career Advancement

Many hiring managers today are interested in the touch typing ability of job candidates. Even if two candidates are similarly qualified in other ways, the ability of one candidate to touch type may boost his or her appeal significantly. For some positions, such as data entry and secretarial work, minimum touch typing speeds are to be expected.

How Typing Games Improve Performance?

Methods of sharpening typing skills varies among free typing games for adults. While some help adults improve their typing speed, others are devoted to speed practice. Here is a look at the different ways in which games foster typing excellence.

Home Row Practice

The home row, which consists of the letters a, s, d, f and j, k, l and ;, are the keys on which typists position their fingers using QWERTY keyboards. Learning to keep the hands at this position on the keyboard is crucial to developing accuracy in reaching more distant keys. In many beginner typing games, there is a focus on typing only the home row keys or on typing nearby keys and quickly returning to the home row keys.


Typing should be accurate as well as fast because extensive proofreading might otherwise exceed any time saved. This means that aspiring typists should devote themselves to accuracy when they are learning to type. To this end, some typing games disable the backspace key so that players learn to type required keys correctly the first time. Learning accuracy will also naturally lead to greater speed over time.


Faster typing ability is at the core of why touch typing is essential. After all, laborious hunting and pecking may allow for accuracy, but it is at the expense of speed. In typing games focused on speed, levels may be completed according to the words per minute reached by the players. Some other speed games require players to type strings of letters in rapid succession in order to progress.

When you first start to learn touch typing, you will benefit from starting on home row practice games and accuracy games before devoting more time to speed. Over time, you can maintain and enhance your skills by spending time on a variety of typing games. There is a wide variety of typing practice for adults to keep you interested and improving long after you have started.

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