Keyboarding games for beginners

Beginners will experience challenges switching to touch typing from hunting and pecking or looking at the keyboard as they type. It is clear, then, that early training for this skill should not be too complex. At the same time, beginning typists do not necessarily have to restrict themselves to boring typing drills anymore. Modern typing games make learning to type enjoyable as well as easier.

Simply Entertaining

Technique Typing

Typing games for beginners are often designed with simplicity and fun in mind. As more schools phase out typing classes, learners are forced to learn this skill independently. Naturally, self-directed learning does require more motivation to continue. The enjoyment learners experience when they play these games will make them want to keep coming back for more.

Focus on Technique

The home row, which refers to the letters a, s, d, f and j, k, l and ; on the QWERTY keyboard, is essential to proper typing technique. For this reason, many typing games designed for beginners first teach players to use the home row. This step gives learners a start on developing speed and accuracy on the keyboard, but it also gets them used to having their hands on the baseline keys automatically. As students progress, they retain these lessons and can expand their skills reliably.

Different Types Available

Beginners will find a variety of typing games offered online, so they are bound to find something they enjoy. In many games, learners race against a computer opponent by typing individual letters, strings of letters, words or sentences quickly and accurately. Some other typing games involve stacking blocks precisely by typing certain letters at the right pace. All games include elements like music, bright colors and level progression so players stay interested as they develop their typing skills.

As with other skills, typing must be learned a step at a time and is developed most successfully when the learner enjoys the lessons. Typing games include these elements to enhance the learning process for kids and adults alike. Once beginners have learned to touch type this way, they can progress to mastery by continuing to push towards higher levels in the games they choose.

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