Games designed to help girls learn typing

Boys and girls learn skills like typing differently. While boys are typically visual learners, girls usually learn better with a combination of sensory stimulation. When you want to encourage girls to learn typing, you can make it fun and easy for them by letting them play engaging, vividly colored, and musical typing games for girls.

Typing Games Designed for Girls

Girls Typing Games

Because girls today vary in their interests and talents, the games designed to help girls learn typing also come in a variety of different formats. Girls can choose games that appeal to their personalities and talent levels just by searching online and choosing one of the many options available to them.

For example, younger girls may prefer typing games that feature bright colors like pink, white, and blue. The games tailored for younger players encourage girls to earn points to buy “scoops” or rewards with which they can decorate their virtual home or business. To earn the rewards and points, they must type the displayed words in the game correctly.

Typing games for teenagers

Other games appeal to girls who are preteens and young teenagers. These typing games for teenagers revolve around themes like makeup, boyfriends, TV shows and movies, and even practicing for future careers. The games require that the players type words correctly to communicate with other characters in the game. Points are earned by typing quickly and accurately.

Music and learning in many instances go hand-in-hand, which is why some games also utilize music to teach typing to girls. One game in particular plays music as a reward for typing correctly. Each time a player types well, the game unveils a new song.

While these games are designed primarily to teach girls how to type, they also provide ample opportunity to have fun at the same time. A girl's attention could quickly be diverted from the fact that she is learning valuable typing skills and refocused on the game's fun and engaging nature. By the time she finishes playing the game, she will have gained valuable typing skills that she can retain and apply to school and her future career.

Skills Learned in Girl Typing Games

While the games are indeed fun to play, they also teach all of the necessary skills that girls need to become proficient typists. The players will learn how to position their fingers over the home row, for example. This positioning helps them practice touch typing, which is invaluable to becoming gaining speed and accuracy.

They also learn how to focus their eyes on the screen instead of on the keyboard. Many kids use one or two fingers to type, hunting and pecking for letters on the keyboard. These fun online games encourage girls to look at the screen to play the game and avoid looking down at the keyboard to type.

Girls can learn to type well by playing fun, colorful, and engaging online typing games. They will have fun while learning valuable typing skills at the same time.

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