Words per minute

When you have your sights set on a respectable, high-paying career, you should know how many words per minute you are capable of typing. A growing number of employers today are on the lookout for candidates who can bring fast average words per minute speeds to their jobs. You can plan for your own career aspirations accordingly by knowing what counts as a good typing speed today and what you can do to improve your own typing wpm.

Typing Speeds

Required Speed Typing jobs

Different careers call for different average wpm counts. Answering the question of What is a Good Typing Speed Per Minute calls for you to identify your career goals.

Many entry-level jobs in retail and customer service require that applicants be able to type at least 30 to 40 wpm, for example. In these positions, the focus is not so much on speed as it is accuracy. A wpm of 30 to 40 is considered an average and even respectable typing speed.

If you want to obtain a professional level job, however, you will need to increase your wpm. Professional typists are expected to type at a rate of 60 to 75 wpm and even higher for positions in professional administrative assistance.

You cannot afford to have a slow typing speed when you want to work at a professional or corporate level in today's job market. To achieve these higher rates of speed, you must be aware of your typing techniques and practice to gain accuracy and a higher wpm count.

Keyboarding Tips

To achieve a higher wpm, you must abandon bad habits like using two fingers to hunt and peck for letters on the keyboard. You must transition into what is known as touch typing.

Touch typing calls for you to use all 10 fingers and to keep your fingers placed over the keyboard's home row. The home row is found in the center of the keyboard. From left to right, it starts with the letter a key and ends with the key for the colon and semicolon.

Your two forefingers should be placed above the letters f and j, respectively, with your other fingers covering the remaining letters on the row. The letters g and h will remain uncovered in the middle, however.

Placing your fingers on the home row allows you to touch type and reach naturally for the letters on the keyboard. As you practice, you will naturally gain speed and also type with better proficiency and accuracy.

Good Typing Speed Advantages

Achieving a good typing speed allows you to work toward and achieve your professional career goals. When employers see good typing speeds on your administrative assistant cover letter, they are more likely to request an interview with you. You also make yourself a more desirable candidate for jobs that call for fast and accurate typing.

Achieving a good words per minute rate of typing is important to your career. You can improve your wpm by knowing what counts as a good speed for typing and what steps you can take to increase your own wpm.

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