Increase your typing wpm rate

Average typists type around 30 words per minute. While this speed may be suitable for entry level employment, higher speeds help you further your career and make you more attractive to possible employers. You can increase your typing wpm rate to as high as 70 or 80 wpm by using these simple strategies to learn how to type faster.

Set Up Your Work Space

Your first step for how to type faster involves establishing a suitable work space. You need a relatively quiet and clear space where you can concentrate. If your desk or work area is cluttered and noisy, you should organize it and try to minimize the noise if possible. When you can concentrate on what you are doing, you end up typing faster.

Position Your Body

Ideal Posture

Focusing on your work requires that you sit up straight and position your body in a way that is conducive to productive typing. Your arms should be resting loosely by your side and the palms of your hands placed easily on the base of your keyboard.

Your screen should be eye level so that you avoid hunching over to see what you are typing. You should also resist slouching in your chair. When you position your body properly, you are able to focus and type with greater speed.

Say Goodbye to Old Typing Habits

Old habits can indeed die hard when it comes to typing faster. You may be tempted to hunt and peck for letters with just one or two fingers or try to use one hand more than your other.

These old habits are familiar and even comforting. However, they do nothing for you in helping you become a faster typist. Instead of picking out letters one at a time on the keyboard, you should memorize where the letters are so that you can start typing faster.

Likewise, you must learn to use both hands equally when typing. Instead of letting one hand do most of the work, try keeping both hands on their respective sides of the keyboard. Once you discard these old habits, you can begin laying the foundation for faster and more accurate typing.

Use All 10 Fingers

As noted, hunt and peck typists are entirely at ease with using one or two fingers to search out the letters on the keyboard. However, when you want to type faster, you must use all 10 of your fingers. Each finger has its own job when typing. By using your fingers properly, you gain speed and also avoid making critical typing errors.

Placing your fingers in their proper place on the home row helps you resist the temptation to hunt and peck. The home row is the middle row on the keyboard, starting with the letter a and ending with the semicolon and colon key. The home row allows your fingers to reach easily for the other letters on the keyboard so that you can type faster and with greater accuracy.

Advantages of Faster Typing

When you learn how to type faster, you open new windows of opportunity in the job market. You are able to consider new career paths and make more money. For example, the resume services industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the job market today. By learning how to type faster, you can work in this industry and help people find better employment themselves. Typing is an important skill that employers look for when hiring people for this career.

Learning to type faster can be quite simple. These strategies help you gain the typing speed, accuracy, and confidence that employers look for when hiring people for today's most in demand jobs.

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