Keyboard hints and tips

Typing itself is a valuable skill to offer a potential employer. When you want to stand out among other job applicants, however, you should use these keyboard hints and tips to help you become a faster and better typist.

Get Both Hands Equally

Typing keys

Great typing skills require that use the best work habits possible. One of the worst habits that you can pick up involves using one hand over another while typing. Gamers in particular tend to favor one hand over the other. To become a fast and proficient typist, you must use both hands equally.

You should make every effort to keep your fingers placed on the home row and maintain proper placement of your hands. When you keep your hands in their proper place, you will effectively use both hands equally. This keyboard typing habit is a valuable one to learn when you want to gain speed, accuracy, and confidence.

Use All of Your Fingers

Another bad habit to get into involves using only a few of your fingers to type. Hunt-and-peck typists are particularly guilty of this practice. Each finger has an important job when it comes to effective typing. It is important that you use all of your fingers in the prescribed manner instead of using just one or two to pick out letters on the keyboard.

To practice home row placement and proper finger use, you can use any free online keyboard typing test. This test will help you learn how to type properly and also allow you to work toward a faster word per minute, or wpm, speed.

Learn Touch Typing

Most employers look for candidates who can touch type proficiently. Touch typing involves memorizing the placement of the letters on the keyboard and using proper hand and finger placement when typing. Touch typists are faster than hunt-and-peck typists and typically earn much higher salaries than typing novices.

When you want to become a better touch typist, you should commit to keyboard typing practice sessions several times a week until you obtain your desired skill level. You can find free online tests that will time your speed and help you work toward your goal.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to skillful keyboard typing, shortcuts make all of the difference in increasing your speed and proficiency. If you are unfamiliar with the shortcuts on a keyboard, you could benefit by referring to a free online typing tutorial. This tutorial will show you some of the more common shortcuts like:

  • CTRL + c for copy
  • CTRL + x for cut
  • CTRL + R for refresh
  • Alt + F4 for Close current window

Dozens of keyboard shortcuts exist to save you time when typing. You can commit them to memory by first practicing with free online typing test and tutorials.

Practice with Apps

Another great way to gain speed, accuracy, and ultimately confidence when typing centers on using any multitude of apps available to you today. These apps can be found online or on your mobile device. They time your speed, grade your accuracy, and give helpful hints to make you a better typist.

Many of these apps and tests come at no cost and offer you high-quality typing lessons. When you are serious about learning typing skills that will land you a better job, you can find the help you need by using these apps.

Help is available when you want to learn how to type. These tips and hints will help you on your journey to become a better typist.

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