The Benefits of Learning How to Type Properly

If you type by looking at the keyboard and hunting down keys, you are typing at a fraction of the speed that touch typists enjoy. Touch typing, as the name suggests, involves automatic placement of the fingers on the keyboard and location of keys, all without looking at the keyboard. Using this technique, you can take your typing speed from around 30 words per minute, or WPM, all the way up to 60 to 100 WPM. In the process, you will improve your ability to handle a variety of tasks and careers. Here is more about how you can learn to type and the advantages you will enjoy in the process.

Touch Typing Benefits

Learn to type

Once you learn to type fast, you will recognize the problems caused by hunting and pecking, as many people refer to rudimentary typing habits of looking at the keyboard and searching for keys over and over. Touch typing does not have to be learned at an early age. Even if you are well into adulthood, you can gain a major boost in productivity and earning power by learning and practicing this skill.

Basic Tips on Touch Typing

The first step towards learning to touch type is keeping your fingers on the home keys. Whereas the fingers of your left hand should rest on the a, s, d and f keys, the fingers of your right hand should rest on the j, k, l and ; keys. Practicing using these keys, known as the "home row," is the critical first hurdle to pass on your way to touch typing competence. Once you have learned these keys, you can move on to keys that your fingers have to reach for, such as the e and i keys, and on to letter and punctuation keys that require more of a reach.

Online keyboarding practice tools are designed to sharpen your skills on the home row and other keys as you improve. As you begin, do not try to push yourself beyond a speed that is comfortable for you. Instead, focus on achieving consistent accuracy. Faster speeds will come naturally over time. It will not be long before you are able to use touch typing in your daily work, but you can continue to practice typing exercises regularly to boost your typing ability further.

Touch Typing and Employment

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There is a learning curve in transitioning from hunting and pecking to touch typing. However, the time and effort necessary to make this change is absolutely worthwhile. Everything from personal email writing to writing at work will be made easier, reducing your mental workload and increasing your confidence at the computer. Getting started, fortunately, is the most difficult part. Once you begin, you can continue to raise your words per minute to incredible levels that friends and co-workers will envy.

how to type faster

How to type faster

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Typing Skills

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Learn touch typing

Learn touch typing

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Keyboard Typing Tutorial

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Typing training

Typing training

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