Typing Practice

Gone are the days when learning to type involved sitting in a classroom and following exercises written in a textbook. Using the innovative and engaging online games and applications, you can get in much-needed typing practice while also having fun at the same time.

Online Typing Games and Mobile Applications


The Internet abounds with games designed to help you practice typing. The games are suited for typists of all ages and skill levels. Some of the most popular online typing games and sites include:

  • TypeRacer: TypeRacer is a multi-user typing practice game that lets you “win” races by typing quickly and accurately. The game displays words, and as you type your car moves along the racetrack toward the finish line. The faster you type, the faster your race car moves.
  • Typing Maniac: Typing Maniac can be found on Facebook. This game requires that you type words that fall from the top of the screen before they hit the ground. You earn bonus points for speed and accuracy.
  • Keybr.com: Keybr.com displays words that are spelled incorrectly. Your task is to type them correctly in order to win points. This website also teaches you to type in languages other than English.
  • Learn Typing: Learn Typing is a simple, straightforward website that teaches you how to place your fingers on the keyboard. You follow along with each exercise to gain speed and accuracy.

Many other free online typing practice games and apps are available to you. You can choose the one that suits your needs the best and practice typing at your convenience.

Other Helpful Typing Tips

Along with playing games and using apps to learn typing, you also can increase your speed, accuracy, and confidence by utilizing some simple, yet important tips. They include:

  • Body Positioning: Sitting up straight at your desk and keeping your screen at eye level can go along way toward increasing your accuracy and speed.
  • Finger and Hand Placement: When typing, it is important that you keep your fingers over the home row on the keyboard and that you rest the palms of your hands at the keyboard's base. This placement allows you to touch type faster and better. It also eliminates your urge to hunt and peck for letters on the keyboard.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Dozens of keyboard shortcuts exist to help you type faster and more accurately. Some of the shortcuts include pressing CTRL and the letter c at the same time to copy, as well as CTRL and the letter v to paste. The shortcuts are designed to increase your speed and to make typing easier.

It can be very easy to overlook these basic tips. However, when you utilize them correctly you will notice that your typing speed and accuracy increases and that typing becomes easier and more enjoyable.

The Perks of Better Typing

You may wonder why you should improve your current typing skills. When you learn to type better you gain benefits like:

  • Fewer errors: Better typing results in fewer typos, allowing you to submit work faster without having to spend a lot of time editing.
  • Speed: Improved typing naturally leads to an increase in your words per minute, or wpm. You will know where the letters are on the keyboard, allowing you to type faster.
  • Confidence: When you perfect your typing skills, you gain confidence that employers like to see in their workers. You can take on more complicated typing tasks and may also be promoted or given raises because of your improved proficiency.

These perks can do wonders for your career and your personal typing goals. Online practice tests and games help you achieve the typing results you want.

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