10 Benefits of Touch Typing Skills

Typing remains one of the most important job skills to have today. If you have yet to learn how to type or want to improve your own typing skills, you can find the motivation by learning what benefits touch typing can offer you.


Typing speed

A fast typing speed is one of the most impressive skills that you can offer an employer. When you learn to touch type, you can double your typing speed. Rather than having to hunt and peck for letters, which can slow you down to as few as 30 words per minute, you will know where to find the letters on the keyboard and in turn type faster. A skilled touch typist can type as fast as 70 to 80 words per minute.


Along with faster speed, you also gain accuracy. Knowing where to find the letters on the keyboard by touch helps you make fewer mistakes. You avoid second guessing yourself and having to go back to correct your work.


Fewer mistakes means that you have to edit your work less. You can turn in assignments with confidence because it will contain fewer grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. You can get more work done, and your employer stays on task with important projects.


Every employer likes confident employees. When you know how to type by touch, you become more confident. You can type any report or assignment with ease and offer your employer the confidence that will make you an asset to your team.


Employers also like employees who can work fast. Touch typing is a much faster way to type than having to hunt and peck for letters on the keyboard. You can type as many as 250 words in as few as four minutes. When your employer expects you to meet important deadlines, you can stay up to speed and save time in your busy day by learning how to touch type.


Hunt and peck typing is actually detrimental to your health. You must hunch over your keyboard to look for letters, straining your back and fingers in the process. Touch typing allows you to sit straight and keep your fingers in proper position for typing.


Hunt and peck typing is also exhausting. You wear yourself out mentally and physically by having to slowly pick out the letters you need to finish a typing project. To save yourself mental and physical fatigue, you should learn how to touch type.


Touch typing requires that you remain mentally and physically alert. It helps you learn to focus and multitask, skills that are highly prized by employers today. You can begin practicing how to focus on your typing by taking a free online touch typing skills test.


As you become a more proficient touch typist, you also become more productive. You can put out impressive amounts of work during a regular eight-hour workday. This productivity could lead to promotions and raises during your career.

Job Prospects

Touch typing makes you a more appealing job candidate. One of the first resume skills that employers look for when hiring new applicants is how fast candidates can type. When you practice by taking free online typing tests and reap the benefits that come with touch typing, you make yourself a more attractive candidate for most jobs today.

Touch typing stands out as one of the most highly prized job skills today. It offers you numerous benefits that can stay with you during your career.

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