How to Boost Your Typing Skills at Home

It’s almost impossible to have a career in any profession these days without possessing the ability to type quickly and accurately. Whether you want to be a paralegal, executive assistant or senior-level manager, you need to be able to produce polished memos, emails and proposals in a reasonable amount of time.

Many of today’s journalists are finding that the ability to type properly is something that recruiters at media outlets look for when browsing journalism and writing resumes. The fact of the matter is that managers don't want to waste their valuable time correcting errors. If you’re struggling with keeping your typing skills sharp, there are a number of ways you can train yourself to type more words per minute with less mistakes.

Embrace Your Errors

Embrace your errors

You can’t fix mistakes you aren’t aware of. A mindset of denial will cause you to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Try to avoid the temptation to glaze over your mistakes so you can actually analyze where you’re struggling. If possible, print out your typed work and show it to a friend or colleague you can trust to provide edits and point out mistakes. You can then try to figure out if your mistakes are caused by poor hand positioning on your keyboard or a misunderstanding of where letters are placed on your keyboard.


The simple truth is that repetition is the only way anybody gets good at anything. This is especially true when it comes to typing. Mastering typing skills is all about getting your hands so familiar with the keyboard that they automatically go to the right keys.

If you devote time to taking typing tests or completing practice sheets, you will develop muscle memory. Of course, many people grow bored of repeatedly typing the same things over and over again. Try to make a commitment to mastering each typing benchmark you set for yourself before you move on to the next lesson. It is also a good idea to devote at least 30 minutes per day to sharpening your typing skills until you feel that you have reached the level you want to be at.

Be Honest

If you’re in charge of measuring your own progress, it is important to be honest with yourself about how well you are actually typing. Many people are tempted to glance down at their fingers every once in awhile.


Poor posture can easily lead to sloppy typing. Take a look at how you’re positioned the next time you sit in your chair to begin a typing lesson. Are your shoulders slouched over? Is your necked bent downward? If so, you might be setting yourself up for inaccurate typing. Take some time to adjust your posture so that your back and neck are straight. You might just find that being seated properly will help you focus better and work more accurately.

How Can I Test My Typing Speed?

It can be hard to measure your progress if you’re simply typing page after page without the help of a professionally developed type speed test. You should definitely measure your speed using an online typing speed test as part of your strategy.


1 Minute Typing Test

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