How to Improve Your Typing Skills at Home

Nearly every profession requires typing in this technology-driven economy we live in. Whether you’re composing emails, typing reports or entering data into a system, having the ability to type properly is a professional asset that comes in handy in an endless number of scenarios. An inability to type quickly and accurately could hinder your job performance or disqualify you from many positions.

Both hands to type

The good news is that you can learn to type well from home. Improving your typing skills all comes down to practice. Even if you find yourself fumbling at the keyboard today, devoting a few hours a week to touch typing lessons can help you improve your speed and accuracy in no time at all. Taking the initiative to improve your typing skills can also have some extra benefits if you’re trying to learn a new language.

Many people who are learning new languages find that touch typing lessons help them become familiar with new words more easily than if they tried to simply memorize them. The act of typing letters on a keyboard also makes it easier to remember how to spell new words. Are you ready to become an expert typist? Start right now by following the four best ways to improve your typing skills.

Use Both Hands to Type

If you look around any office, you’ll probably notice some people pecking at their keyboards using only two fingers. However, using two fingers is actually an incorrect way to type. The two-fingered approach will only slow you down. You should make the effort to keep your fingers positioned properly over the home row keys at all times during your typing sessions.

Practice Good Posture

While your fingers are important, they aren’t the only parts of your body you should pay attention to while typing. Your posture is also very important when it comes to typing accurately. Take time to make sure your neck and back are comfortable before you start typing. Being comfortable will ensure that you can sit at your keyboard for long periods of time without experiencing pain and discomfort that will affect your typing.

Resist the Temptation to Look

It can be extremely tempting to look down at the keyboard while typing to make sure your fingers are in the right spots. However, you will throw off your concentration and waste valuable seconds each and every time you take your eyes off the screen to look down at your hands.

Those seconds can really add up over time and subtract from your speed. Devoting the proper amount of time to practicing typing should result in the ability to know that your hands are in the wrong position without ever looking down. The goal is to type often enough that the placement of your hands on the keyboard becomes intuitive.

Use the Right Tools

Just staring at a screen all day and typing won’t help you get a good grasp on how much you’re improving. You need to ask yourself if your approach to typing lessons is dynamic enough.

Many people find that using language learning programs that include touch typing study tools helps them to build up their skill levels. These lessons are really great because they stimulate several parts of the brain at the same time. In addition, sessions typically include a timed touch typing test after every lesson.

Learn Touch Typing Test is a popular program that offers tests in six different languages. The tests offered in this program provide a great way to get an accurate assessment of how well you’re typing. Of course, the best part of all is that this program gives you the ability to improve your typing skills while you master new languages.


English Typing Test

How an English Typing Test Can Help You. An Online Typing Test allows you to get an accurate, unbiased assessment of How well you can Actually Type.


Spanish Typing Test

Typing in Spanish is different that typing in English. You can use online Spanish Typing tests for free to perfect this important bilingual skill.


French Typing Test

Communicating effectively in French calls for you to be able to type in that language. You can perfect your French skills by using French typing tests


German Typing Test

German remains an important and prominent global language. You can gain proficiency and fluency by using online tests to help you learn to type in German.


Italian Typing Test

Italian is a language used in today's global business world. You can become fluent in part by learning to type in Italian using this Italian Typing Test.


Portuguese Typing Test

Learning to type in Portuguese language is important when you have international job aspirations. Learn Typing by using free Portuguese Typing test online.

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