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Many people begin their typing lessons as early as elementary school. Even with these earliest of lessons, however, your own typing skills may not be up to today's job market standards. When you want to improve upon the skills that you do have, you can make this improvement easier and more fun by taking typing training online. Before you start your online training, you should keep these tips in mind.



The first thing you need to remember is that this virtual training is for you and for no one else. You will not have a teacher standing over your shoulder watching you make mistakes and typos. You are in charge of your training and how fast you progress through your lessons is entirely up to you.

As such, you should relax and appreciate the opportunity for what it is: A chance to learn how to type faster and better. The online typing training that is available today generally is easy to understand and designed to make typing interesting and fun. The lessons are typically short and only take a few minutes to complete.

Commit to Practicing

Despite the lessons being short, you should still commit yourself to practicing on a regular basis. The typing training free websites are available anytime day or night. You can log onto these sites after work, on your days off, or whenever it suits you to practice your typing.

If you are sincere in your desire to become a faster and better typist, you should make every effort to practice at least once, if not twice or more a week. Once you get into a routine of practicing, it will become easier for you to learn the lessons required for good typing. You could achieve your typing goals within a matter of weeks.

Use Mobile Apps

As noted, the online tests are free and easy to use. However, if you lack the time to sit down to a desktop or laptop computer, you can still practice your typing by using mobile apps.

An increasing number of free typing training mobile apps are available for download today. These apps test you for speed, accuracy, and skill. They also are designed to offer very basic lessons or lessons that are geared toward skilled typists.

You can start off by practicing sight typing and then work your way up to dictation practice. These apps are easy to use and give you an accurate gauging of your typing skills.

Look Up, Not Down

Just like when you were in elementary school, you must learn to focus on your screen rather than your keyboard. This lesson is just as relevant today as it was when you were first learning how to type.

It is very tempting to look down at the keyboard instead of at your screen while typing. However, when you look at the keyboard, you are more likely to resort to hunt and peck typing than touch typing. The bests of typists have long surpassed hunt and peck typing.

If your sights are set on gaining a word per minute speed of 60, 70, or even 80 wpm or higher, you must first train yourself not to look down at the keyboard. Once you get the hang of touch typing, you will no longer have the urge to look at your keyboard instead of at the screen.

Keep Working toward Your Goals

The best of typists also never stop practicing their skills. They make a regular habit out of typing and never let their skills get rusty or outdated.

Even after you reach your desired wpm goal, you can keep gaining speed and accuracy by using free online tests and apps for typing training. Keeping your skills fresh and up to today's job standards will make you a desirable employee and an even more attractive job candidate.

Learning how to type is easy today when you take advantage of mobile and online training. These virtual resources provide you with lessons that help you become a faster and better typist.

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