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Typing is one of the most important skills required for administrative jobs. Furthermore, typing speeds must be above a certain level for administrators to be productive. As a result, candidates are commonly screened in terms of their typing skills before placement in these positions. This means that anyone seeking these jobs should practice touch typing and confirm that their speed is high enough before applying.

Typing Skills Are Crucial for Many Careers

WPM typing skills careers

In jobs that require the use of a computer, typing speed is a major limiting factor on productivity. Naturally, then, employers are eager for their workers to type quickly and accurately. While the hunting-and-pecking technique may offer around 30 WPM, or words per minute, only touch typing can produce the 60 to 100 or more WPM that employers love. Typing skills are essential for not only administrative jobs but also transcription, accounting and countless other positions.

Modern Typing Skill Requirements

The typing speed required for a position can depend on the employer, but general numbers can be found across industries.

In many office and administrative positions, workers generally are expected to type at least about 40 WPM, or words per minute. Computer programmers and legal secretaries generally are expected to type faster than 60 WPM. Data entry workers tend to type around 75 WPM, medical transcriptionists 90 or more WPM and stenographers 200 WPM. The higher WPM rates might seem impossible to those who are just starting to touch type, but the increased pay that often accompanies such skill can help motivate learners to practice and reach that level.

Putting a Number on Typing Skill

Many people aspire to work in positions where fast typing is required. While some might already have the basic required skills, they might need to polish their abilities somewhat. Getting better is bound to be easier when skill can be quantified.

Fortunately, typing speed is simple to measure with a WPM calculator. Such a program can be used to determine baseline speeds and work up to the levels required for typing-heavy careers. Before job interviews, applicants can use this calculator to confirm that their skills are sufficient and ensure that their confidence will be high during evaluation.

Touch typing, like any skill, requires practice to master. Although typing classes have become rarer in schools, plenty of programs and games have emerged for learning this skill at home. A year of regular practice may be necessary to reach the common standard of 60 WPM error free, but this will depend on time spent practicing and determination to excel. A calculator to determine WPM will make progress measurement easier along the way. By keeping track of speed and identifying what works best in practice, touch typing beginners can gain a major boost in their skill development.

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