Improve your Words per Minute Typing

With computers being mainstays in most businesses today, employers expect and require their employees to know how to type. Typing in and of itself is a crucial job skill; however, more than just knowing how to type, employees are also expected to type quickly and accurately. You can perfect your own typing skills by learning why typing still holds such an important place in the job market today and what steps you can take to gain speed and accuracy.

Minimal Typing Speed and Accuracy Rate

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Most employers today expect their staff to know how to type above a rate of 50 words per minute, or WPM. In truth, because many people start learning how to type in elementary school a 50 wpm is reasonable, if not very simple to achieve.

However, while a 50 wpm rate may be acceptable for some entry level positions in fields like customer service or retail, higher wpm rates open the door to more advanced employment opportunities. If you can type at a rate of 90 wpm and have a 90 percent or above accuracy rate you can work in fields like:

  • Data entry
  • Court recording
  • Medical transcription
  • Paralegal
  • Virtual customer support

These positions require strict accuracy and high rates of speed. If you are interested in pursuing such opportunities, you would do well to perfect your own typing words per minute capabilities.

Importance of Typing Accuracy and Speed

You may ask yourself why accurate and fast typing is so vital in today's job market. Simply put, both customers and employers expect prompt and professional service. When you can type at an average typing words per minute rate that guarantees fast service and with accuracy that ensures clarity, you meet two of the most important demands found in the workplace today.

For example, when you work as a virtual customer support agent your customers expect you to be able to answer them quickly and to give them responses that are literate and easy to understand. If your typing is full of errors or if you take too long to answer them because of slow typing, you risk frustrating your customers and making your employer look incompetent.

Likewise, when you work as a court reporter or a transcriptionist, you must be able to keep up with the rate at which the words are being spoken. Both of these jobs require high rates of accuracy, and if you type slowly, you risk leaving out important information in the records on which you are working. Rather than risk your job and leaving your employer and public dissatisfied with your service, you can take steps now to perfect your typing skills.

Improve Your Typing

When it comes to perfecting your typing skills, the old adage " Practice makes perfect " certainly applies. Practicing, as well as taking free online words per minute typing tests, will help you gain the speed and accuracy you need to be employable.

Typing remains one of the most important skills that you can bring to the job market. You can improve your rate of accuracy and gain speed when typing by practicing and taking online typing tests.

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